Stem Cell Transplantation

Velcade for Graft Vesus Host Disease

Shen transplanted from an immunologically different person, graft cells can attack the host's body. This is called Graft Versus Host Diseas*GVHD)e and remains a serious problem in transplantation.  One trial by Koreth and others found that Velcade was beneficial in GVHD; but his was a phase II trial other phase II trials are ongoing. Koreth treated 45 patients; 89% of patients who were treated had a one-locus and 11% of patients were treated with

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Repeat Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation for ALL

ALL is the most common cancer diagnosed in children and young adults, represents almost 25% of cancers in children younger than 15 years. Complete remission of disease is now typically achieved with pediatric chemotherapy regimens in approximately 95% of children with ALL, with up to 85% long-term survival rates. Young adults are treated as children, but the relapse rate is higher.  Allogeneic stem cell transplantation is an important salvage option

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