Topotecan with Avastin in ovarian cancer

Topotecan is an old drug that can be used in second line( after failure of the initial drugs) treatment of ovarian cancer.  In ovarian cancer, topotecan has demonstrated activity in both platinum-and Taxol resistant tumors. In a randomized, phase III study, patients like this had similar response rates with topotecan or Taxol. That phase III study, and earlierphase II studies, established topotecan as an important treatment option for patients

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First line Avastin for ovarian cancer

Avastin(Bevacizumab) is an effective drug for ovarian cancer but how to use it still being clarified. Particularly, the debate has been ongoing but its place in first-line treatment. Some answers and now available. At the 2010 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual conference in Chicago, the Gynecologic Oncology Group(GOG) presented the results of the latest clinical trial for Avastin and ovarian cancer. GOG 218 (activated in October 2005)

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