Bladder Cancer

NMP-22 to screen for bladder cancer

 NMP-22 urine assays for bladder cancer  detect nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1 (NUMA-1) using monoclonal antibodies. This protein can be elevated in the urine if bladder cancer cells that are rapidly dividing are present.  It is not a partticularly specific tests, with many described non-cancer  factors that elevate its values,  and there is ongoing controversy as to whether its advantages in sensitivity over urine cytology are sufficient

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Interferon after bladder cancer

Standard  therapy after bladder cancer was removed and is found to not be muscle invasive cancer can reduce the risk of recurrence. Patients at high risk for cancer recurrence receive bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) therapy instilled into the bladder after surgery. One study that compared mitomycin with interferon alfa-2b showed an improved outcome with mitomycin, although interferon was better tolerated. Intravesical interferon therapy  with BCGT

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