Inherited Breast Cancer


Personalized medicine is an up and coming approach, by which individual's risks and factors are taken into account to prescribe therapy. Genetic tests are a part of the approach. BREVAGen evaluates 7 breast cancer-associated factors. Risk is calculated by multiplying the product of the individual risks by the Gail model risk The Gail model is the first of several proposed ways to calcucalte an individual's riask for breast cancer.  BREVAGen has

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Prophylactic Mastectomy in Carriers of BRCA Mutation

Prophylactic total or simple mastectomy for patients at high risk of breast cancer is a difficult issue in that it involves the determination of risk in an individual patient, a separate determination of what level of risk is high enough to justify the extreme choice of prophylactic mastectomy, and assurance from scientific studies in the medical literature that this procedure does result in a reduction of breast cancer occurrence. Mastectomies that

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