Kidney cancer

Votrient versus Sutent for kidney cancer: Which is better?

Progress in the treatment of kidney cancer has been nothing short of amazing in the past few years. Many new drugs have been introduced and FDA approved for first line therapy. This significantly expanded our armamentarium against this previously difficult to treat cancer. At the same time, rapid introduction of new agents has led to the situation in which there is there little evidence on how to select which one should be used first. The only the

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Tarceva for Kidney cancer

Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma makes up approximately 10% to 20% of kidney cancers. These tumors are thought of as being relatively resistant to immunotherapy with some of the newer drugs,  of the groups TKI and mTOR inhibitors. Examples of such drugs are Sutent and Torisel. For this reason, Tarceva(erlotinib) has been studiedespecially in the papillary renal cell cancer. There is a reported response rate in low teens and the disease control rate

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