Hormonal Treatment

Xtandi for prostate cancer before Taxotere

Enzalutamide (Xtandi, MDV3100) is an androgen receptor antagonist drug that produces an up to an 89% decrease in prostate specific antigen serum levels after a month of use. It is more potent than Casodex. In August of 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved enzalutamide for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer in patients who failed docetaxel. This was based on the AFFIRM study results. AFFIRM showed that Enzalutamide

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MDV3100 for prostate cancer

  MDV3100 is an androgen receptor antagonist drug developed with promise for hormone refractory prostate cancer, and it is in Phase 3 clinical trials and for breast cancer. MDV3100 has binds five times stronger to the androgen receptor (AR) than Casodex, a popular hormonal drug that is currently used. It also interacts with the cancer cels in other ways. Median time to radiographic progression in a phase II study was 56 weeks for chemo-naive

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