Posttreatment surveillance after hepatic metastases resection for colorectal cancer

Since the appearance of effective new drugs for colorectal cancer and more aggressive surgical approaches to resecting isolated metastases, many patients who had metastatic cancer are now free of disease for an extended period of time. There are few guidelines on how to follow such patients it is fairly new situation and there are no mature studies. For high risk non-metastatic colon cancer, NCCN guidelines recommend annual CT of chest, abdomen

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Radiologic follow-up of pituitary tumors

Pituitary tumors are classified as micoradenomas, sometimes called incidentalomas, because they tend to be asymptomatic and discovered incidentally, or macroadenomas. Microadenomas are small and macroadenomas are larger. BMJ Best Practice (2012) says that  there is no consensus about the follow-up duration of patients with non-functional pituitary microadenomas, but recommends a follow-up MRI in 1 year with no further routine imaging study if the

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