DCIS and multifocal breast cancer – pro

Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is a non-invasive breast cancer. In DCIS, abnormal cells are contained in the milk ducts. It is called “in situ” (which means "in place") because the cells have not left the milk ducts to invade nearby breast tissue. DCIS is also be intraductal (within the milk ducts) carcinoma, when it is larger but still not invasice. Without treatment, the abnormal cells could turn into invasive cancer over time. Some physicians

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MRI to screen preoperatively for DCIS – pro

Most guidelines recommend breast MRI for screening in women with high-risk of developing breast cancer and to clarify diagnostic uncertainties after mammography and ultrasound. As use of MRI has increased, many other situations for which, MRI might be helpful came to the fore. Unfortunately, literature support for most of them, is lacking. Currently, guidelines indicate MRI for screening of women at high risk based on family history or for clarifying

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