Legal Medicine

Why do doctors do medico-legal consulting?

Why do physicians do medicolegal? Doctors are, well, doctors. Their training and work experience shape their approach to problems and socialize them to view issues though the clinical prism. However, the broad education of a physician also prepares him or her  to address a variety of other questions in medicine in an effective and a comprehensive manner. Many physicians have, in addition to their clinical skills, well developed ability to reason,

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Narcotics for Cancer Pain: Legal Standards – pro

Safe and effective chronic opioid therapy for chronic cancer related pain requires clinical skills and knowledge in both the principles of opioid prescribing and on the assessment and management of risks associated with opioid abuse, addiction, and diversion. Although evidence is limited in many areas related to use of opioids for chronic cancer pain, several guidelines provide recommendations developed by multidisciplinary expert panel after a

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