Small Bowel Cancer

ET in small bowel cancer – pro

The small bowel represents approximately 75% of the length of the overall GI tract and contains 90% of the gastrointestinal tract surface area but < 5% of GI cancers occur in the small bowel. 1997 epidemiologic data from the United States demonstrated 131,200 large bowel cancers, 22,400 stomach cancers but only 4,900 small bowel cancers. PET scan is increasingly being used to stage and restage disease. Hoever, its sensitivity and specificity has

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Small bowel cancer – pro

Lay Summary: Chemotherapy for small bowel adenocarcinoma and sarcoma is reviewed. Small bowel adenocarcinoma (SBA) is a very rare entity accounting for one-fourth of the small intestine neoplasms. Usually accompanied by nonspecific symptoms occurring late in the course of the disease, they are associated with a dismal prognosis. It appears that SBA shares several genetic characteristics with large bowel tumors, but also has unique features. The similarity

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