Transfusion Medicine

Granulocute Transfusions – pro

Lay Summary: An ssessment of the role of granulocyte transfusions in 2008. Granulocyte transfusions are requested by clinicians for use in patients with refractory infection or at high risk of developing severe infection (Strauss 2003). Most patients prescribed granulocyte transfusions are those with cancer related neutropenia, who are receiving myeloablative chemotherapy with or without haemopoietic stem cell rescue. Interest in the use of granulocytes

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Intra-arterial Chemotherapy of Brain Cancers – pro

The brain-blood barrier is considered to be a major obstacle for delivering chemotherapy to brin tumors and obtaining durable disease control in patients with high-grade gliomas. Intra-arterial drug injection after selective catheterization of cerebral arteries has been performed in some small clinical trials in order to achieve higher drug concentration in the tumor while minimizing systemic exposure. This approach has potentail which has not yet

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