Chemoembolization of breast cancer metastases to the liver – pro

The prognosis for patients with solid tumors metastatic to the liver is poor. Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE), most frequently performed by intra-arterially injecting an infusion of antineoplastic agents mixed with iodized oil (Lipiodol), has been extensively used in the treatment of large HCC tumors. A newer approach is to use drug coated microspheres. However, although massive tumor necrosis can be demonstrated in most cases, a complete necrosis of the tumor has rarely been achieved with these modalities, since residual tumor can be found in a non-negligible number of the treated lesions.

According to available literature, chemoembolization (TACE) may be indicated for symptomatic treatment of functional neuroendocrine cancers (i.e., carcinoid tumors and pancreatic endocrine tumors) involving the liver, in persons with adequate hepatic function (bilirubin < 2 mg/dl, absence of ascites; no portal vein occlusion; and tumor involvement of < 65 % of liver). For carcinoid tumors, TACE is indicated only in persons who have failed systemic therapy with octreotide to control carcinoid syndrome (e.g., debilitating flushing, wheezing and diarrhea). The safety and effectiveness of chemoembolization for breast cancer metastases is unknown as only case reports and series have so far been reported. The largest series reported in a 2008 abstract was of 217 pateints but this as not a prospective study.

In a comparative study with the three drugs versus mitomycin and doxorubicin for HCC, no advantage was found for the three drugs. For neuroadnocrine carcnoma, a comparative study found that: “Chemoembolization was not associated with a higher degree of toxicity than bland embolization. Chemoembolization demonstrated trends toward improvement in TTP, symptom control, and survival. Based on these results, a multicenter prospective randomized trial is warranted.”

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