Chemotherapy for anaplastic meningioma – pro

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In a 2008 review of atypical and anaplastic-meningiomas by Yang et al, the mean overall survival for atypical meningiomas was found to be 11.9 years vs. 3.3 years for anaplastic meningiomas. Mean relapse-free survival for atypical meningiomas was 11.5 years vs. 2.7 years for anaplastic meningiomas. Meningiomas are often vascularized tumors and and it is reasonable to consider antiangiogenic therapy for meningioma. In particular, malignant meningiomas produce high levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and the Avastin blocks this growth factor. It would make sense that Avastin should be effective. However, agressive and anaplastic  meningiomas are rare and there is little known about what works and what does not work for it. Chamberlain found that temozolamide appears ineffective for refractory meningioma. Hydroxyurea is more promising.

Angiogenesis inhibitors, progestins, agents that target fundamental cell signaling pathways, somatostatin analogues, and a variety of other molecular treatments are being investigated.

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