Combining platin and Erbitux with radiation for head and neck cancer – pro

Lay Summary: Erbitux or platin with radiation or induction chemotehrapy followed by one of these two options with radiation is the standard of care. One study described the combination of the two.

The best quality data in head and neck cancer for locally advanced disease are available for cetuximab since the 2006 publication of a randomized clinical trial comparing radiation treatment plus cetuximab versus radiation treatment alone. This study found that concurrent cetuximab and radiotherapy improves survival and locoregional disease control compared to radiotherapy alone, without a substantial increase in side effects, as would be expected with the concurrent chemoradiotherapy, which is the current gold standard treatment for advanced head and neck cancer. NCCN on p. CHEM-A, recommends cetuximab with radiation as an option.

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