Medicaid on CT surveillance of bladder cancer after radical cystectomy – pro

CMS requires that the CT scan be reasonable and necessary based on the literature and opinion.  Reasonableness and opinion is expressed by guidelines,

After radical cystectomy, NCCN recommends:

Urine cytology, liver function tests, creatinine, and electrolytes every 3 to 6 mo for 2 y and then as clinically indicated
Imaging of the chest, upper tracts, abdomen, and pelvis every 3 to 6 mo for 2 y based on risk of recurrence and then as clinically indicated
Urethral wash cytology every 6 to 12 mo, particularly if Tis was found within the bladder or prostatic urethra
If a continent diversion was created, monitor for vitamin B12 deficiency annually.

ACR has similar recommendations: CT is recommended at 6, 12, and 24 months for follow-up of patients with minimal muscle invasion (T2) who elect either cystectomy or other types of therapy without cystectomy, since most recurrences become evident within the first 2 years after surgery.

NCCN, BLadder Cancer, BL-E, 2013

CMS Guidelines National Coverage Determination (NCD) Computed Tomography (220.1)

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