New type of brochoscopy: ENB

ENB (Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy) or EMN bronchoscopy is a type of bronchoscopy that uses electromagnetic guidance to project catheters into and through bronchial passages. Using a virtual, three-dimensional (3D) bronchial map from a recent CT scan and disposable catheters, it makes it possible toget to preselected spaces and to take biopsies or plan radiation.  FDA cleared it in 2004 through the 510(k) process. Studies suggest a higher success rate, but less so for lower lung lobes than the rest of the lung. The British Thoracic Society guidelines for advanced diagnostic and therapeutic flexible bronchoscopy in adults (Du Rand et al, 2011) said that electromagnetic bronchoscopy may be considered for the biopsy of peripheral lesions or to guide trans-bronchial needle aspiration for sampling mediastinal lymph nodes (grade D).  Undortunately, one one randomized study had been eprformed and the British Society’s guideline is at a fairly low level of confidence.


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