Prophylactic myeloid growth factors before chemotherapy in the elderly – pro

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Standard guidelines recommend prophylactic Neulasta or Neupogen for patients who are treated with chemotherapy regimens that produce a greater than 20% risk of febrile neutropenia. These guidelines do not apply to the elderly. Elderly patients are at a higher risk of febrile neutropenia following chemotherapy, with worse morbidity and mortality rates. However, good prospective trial data are lacking with respect to elderly cancer patients due to their relative exclusion from randomized clinical trials, which therefore limits specific recommendations relative to this patient group. An earlier Task Force(2003) said: “In several specific malignancies, there is a clear need for further well- designed studies and clinically applicable tools to assist the identification of elderly patients who will benefit most from prophylactic G-CSF.” More recently, a study in the elderly by Rahan et al found that: “PPG-CSF use is associated with reductions in in-patient healthcare utilization. These findings have implications for ASCO guidelines and Medicare coverage policies for PPG-CSF administration in elderly breast cancer patients.” Studies by Romileu and Balducci et la support prophylactic GCSF therapy and a review by Aspro et al in 2010 recommends it. It would be fair to say that the field is shifting toward generally recommending prophylactic growth factors in the elderly.

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