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This approach represents a cutting edge of diagnostic science, sometimes termed, “Personalized Medciine”. The concept that one can individualize cancer therpay based on specific tumor characteristics is attractive but needs to be proven before being widely adapted. As of now, there is little evidence to support it and no guidelines or professional bodies recommending it.

The approach relies on published information but the way it is put together and validated is not confirmed in studies or accepted in the medical community. From the manufacturer: Prostate Px provides several endpoints which assess disease severity and disease recurrence, including:

Disease Progression (metastasis, progression through ADT)
Favorable Pathology
Relative Risk of Disease (outcome compared to test’s validation cohort)
The power of Prostate Px results from its comprehensive analysis of the cancer tissue obtained from each patient. Clinical data is integrated with an exhaustive analysis of each patient’s cancer using spatial analysis of tissue histology and examining molecular biomarkers, such as androgen receptor, associated with disease progression.

An advanced mathematical approach is applied to a large patient cohort to generate a personalized report that is sent to the physician for discussion with the patient.

This processand information remains proprietary and not peer-reviewed.

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