Rituximab for ITP – pro

Although the record does not clearly support ITP, it is a reasonable diagnosis in the context of other CBC values. In three large cohorts of adults who had failed multiple therapeutic modalities, patients were treated with the regimen of anti-CD20 used to treat B-cell lymphoma—375 mg/m2 weekly for 4 weeks. Approximately 50% of patients had a partial or complete response, and about 33% had durable remissions. Rituximab for other than first line has been recommended in a recent treatment review in a major journal and is being increasingly used. Medicare lists it as reimbursable.

A recent critical review states: “While these studies clearly document the therapeutic efficacy of rituximab in chronic, refractory ITP in both adults and children, we still do not know which ITP patients should receive rituximab therapy. …further trials are definitively needed in order to determine the place of rituximab in the treatment of ITP.” However, it is generally accepted that some patients can benefit from Rituxan and obtain long term remissions of their disease.

NICEmade no firm recommendatiosn based on the evidence that is reported in this summary for adults includes a systematic review and meta-analysis, 2  that have been published since the systematic review, and a retrospective cohort study comparing rituximab with splenectomy. Also included in the evidence summary is a systematic review of studies in children and young people.

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