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Desmoid tumors, also called aggressive fibromatosis, deep musculoaponeurotic fibromatosis, and fibrosarcoma grade I of the desmoid type, do not generally metastasize but can cause pain and compromise organs. Few treatments for this condition are well established, although many novel agents are being studied. Among them is Nexavar (sorafenib). The basis for the interest in this drug is that it appears to inhibit MPNST cell growth in vitro.

A recent study of sorafenib in children with neurofabromatosis was not able to establish the minmally tolerated dose. A series from Sloan Kettering used sorafenib as first-line therapy in 11/26 patients and the remaining 15/26 had received a median of 2 prior lines of therapy. Twenty-three of 26 patients had shown evidence of progressive disease by imaging, whereas 3 patients had achieved maximum benefit or toxicity with chemotherapy. Sixteen of 22 (∼70%) patients reported significant improvement of symptoms. At a median of 6 months (2-29) of treatment, the best response evaluation criteria in solid tumors (RECIST) 1.1 response included 6/24 (25%) patients with partial response (PR), 17/24 (70%) with stable disease, and 1 with progression and death. NCCN lists sorafenib on p. SARC-E and references the Goundar paper as the basis for its recommendation.

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39 year-old woman who had been treated with Doxil and experimental therapies of fibromatosis adn nwo Nexvar is being proposed.

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