Topotecan and cytoxan for neuroblastoma – pro

Topotecan and cyclophosphamide are both active drugs in neuroblastoma and various combinations of these two drugs with or without other additional drugs have been used in a number of phase II trials. There are no FDA approved drugs for neuroblastoma and therefore this regimen and the individual drugs are considered off-label and experimental but it is medically necessary  based on phase II studies, one phase III study  and the lack of alternatives. Phase III studies are difficult to perform in this disease because of the wide use of bone marrow transplatation. Topotecan and Cytoxan are not NCCN Compendia and NCCN guidelines recognized and I was unable to check Uptodate since I do not ahve a subscription to this proprietary database. A recent comparative phase III study found that “There is a trend toward better results with T+C than T. Incorporation of the combination into front line treatment plans deserves further exploration. ”
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Neuroblastoma 2005
Publisher Springer Berlin Heidelberg
ISBN 978-3-540-40841-3 (Print) 978-3-540-26616-7 (Online) , p. 199

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