Using Vistide on the skin or mouth

Vistide is used intravenously but sometiems pateints are not able to take it intravenously because of kidney disease or otehr complications. Some patients are resistant to toehr therapies. The FDA says: “THE SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF VISTIDE (cidofovir) HAVE NOT BEEN ESTABLISHED FOR TREATMENT OF OTHER CMV INFECTIONS (SUCH AS PNEUMONITIS OR GASTROENTERITIS), CONGENITAL OR NEONATAL CMV DISEASE, OR CMV DISEASE IN NON-HIV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS.” This is a water-soluble drug and should to be absorbable by mouth, although no oral formulations are currently available. It can be prepared by a pharmacist from the intravenous form but such formulations are very expensive (approximately $65 US per gram of  3% cidofovir cream) or it can be compounded as a 1% solution. There are case reports of using these preparations for condyloma acumina, veruca vulgaris, laryngeal papillomatosis, Kaposi’s sarcoma, pox virus infections and herpetic infections. Currently,  there a a number of case reports and series that support this drug, as well as two Phase II studies, one randomized. 1%, 3% and 5% solutions have shown activity.

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