Allergy and Immunology

Interferon for pancreatic cancer

Interferon is known to have anti-proliferative effects against pancreatic cancer cells and mesothelioma. Unfortunately, clinical evidence for effectiveness is lacking. Most available studies had been in adjuvant settings where the drug's anti-angiogenic(blood vessel formation) properties may be most prominent. A few metastatic studies do not demonstrate a marked benefit of adding interferon to chemotherapy.   NeoPlas Innovation’s Stephen Cantrell,

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ALCAT Testing

The antigen leukocyte cellular antibody test (ALCAT) is a proprietary test created and promoted by American Medical Testing Laboratories and Cell Science Systems, of Deerfield Beach, Florida. It markets this test as a screening test for adverse reactions to specific foods, food additives, food colorings and other chemicals. The test has been reformulated several times. It is generally considered to be an unproven test.  "These results have been

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