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Cancer Treatment Today is devoted to making available short overviews of new treatments, promising approaches and research in oncology available to the public. Each article focuses on a specific diagnostic or treatment issue in Cancer Medicine and is based on the general consensus in the field of oncology and related areas. These articles are well researched and can be accessed in a “Lay” formulation or “Professional” version. They are supported by current references and provide clear, concise overviews available to all those who need them. There is no other web resource available to the public of this quality, authority and wealth of content. All recommendations are based on professional society guidelines and credible medical evidence, but in the final account it represents an individual understanding of the field and a personal synthesis of the available information.

We endeavor to continuously review and revise the articles we provide based on new developments, but please be aware that the field of Cancer Medicine is constantly changing and evolving.

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Our website is filled with valuable and unique information about modern cancer treatments and emerging technologies. Please browse and enjoy. Click here to learn how to navigate our site.

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If you are a medical professional, what you will find here is a wealth of information on various aspects of Cancer Medicine. Clinicians will appreciate concise and timely overviews of new developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Allied health care professionals will value the authoritative, referenced summaries, the opportunity to quickly overview current topics and the opportunity to understand the status of new treatment and ideas. Professionals who have a regulatory or public health backgrounds will be interested in the focus on what is proven and what still needs to be proven and in the evidence based approach that the site employs. Finally, all will find useful the current references that open the window to farther research. We also provide important services and resources as well as an opportunity to learn more, to pose questions and be a part of a community in our Forums. Dilemmas in Oncology discuss important and practical issues based on real cases and our newsletter rounds out the variety of what we provide on this site.

The key to understanding what we uniquely provide is the term Evidence Based Medicine.

American Health care System is not now well! Gone are the times when physicians commanded the provision of medical care with nary a question. The Health Care Crisis, the increasing demands for accountability and the involvement of regulators and payers have drastically changed the face of medical care in the United States. The changing environment brought about a great deal of dissatisfaction on all sides. Patients demand the newest advances, physicians feel the obligation to provide them but the regulators press for justification of therapies, scientific validity of treatments and accountability from the physicians and the medical system overall.

What Cancer Treatments Today provides is solid, referenced, authoritative and evidence based information. It is our hope that all the stakeholders in American Health will use the information on CancerTreatmentToday.org to work together on the basis of scientific integrity, mutual responsibility and the sense of compassion. Incorporating evidence based approaches, we believe, is the only way to achieve the type of consensus that will heal American Health Care System and heal us.

Enjoy. We welcome and appreciate your comments.

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