Olysio and Sovaldi: Two new drugs for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a major public health problem, especially in Southeast Asia. Interferon and ribavirin have been the standard of care in various combinations. The literature supports intereferon with the two recently FDA  approved oral medications that can be used in combination with the current antiviral regimen or to replace the injectable component of the regimen, peginterferon alfa. The two new drugs are Olysio (simeprevir) capsules and Sovaldi

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Megace and Megace ES

Megace has long been shown to help weight gain in cancer and AIDS. More recently, Megace ES came on the market. The advantage is in the concentrated dose that Megace ES offers. It is indicated for the treatment of anorexia, cachexia, or an unexplained, significant weight loss in patients with a diagnosis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). The recommended adult initial dosage of Megace ES (megestrol acetate) oral suspension is 625 mg/day

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Using Vistide on the skin or mouth

Vistide is used intravenously but sometiems pateints are not able to take it intravenously because of kidney disease or otehr complications. Some patients are resistant to toehr therapies. The FDA says: "THE SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF VISTIDE (cidofovir) HAVE NOT BEEN ESTABLISHED FOR TREATMENT OF OTHER CMV INFECTIONS (SUCH AS PNEUMONITIS OR GASTROENTERITIS), CONGENITAL OR NEONATAL CMV DISEASE, OR CMV DISEASE IN NON-HIV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS." This is

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Prophylaxis for PCP in patients on long term steroids

Pneumocystis carinii(PCP) infection remains a common complication of AIDS. NebuPent is indicated for prophylaxis of Pneumocystis Carinii  infections in HIV positive patients. There is precedent for using this drug or Bactrim for prophylaxis in other immuno-compromised states than AIDS. For example,the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines on prevention and treatment of cancer-related infections consider CLL patients receiving purine

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