Afinitor for prostate cancer

Afinitor s is currently in clinical trials for prostate cancer and only preliminary information is available.  For example, it is in the phase II study: Everolimus as First-Line Therapy in Treating Patients With Prostate Cancer,  NCT00976755. Several studies have been performed and published.  A phase II study (Templeton et al., 2011) investigating the activity of everolimus 10mg/daily as first-line treatment found that in 37 enrolled patients,

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Taxotere and Carboplatin for Prostate Cancer

Chemotherapy, especially with drugs form the taxane family, is the recommended option once hormonal therapy or vaccine becomes ineffective for prostate cancer. First line treatment of Taxotere has been used for years and a similar drug, cabazitaxel, has recently been approved for second line use. It is always worthwhile to investigate combination. Taxanes combine well with platin type drugs in general. Combinations of are usually more toxic but they

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