Thyroid cancer

Afirma test for thyroid nodules: ACEG – pro

The majority of FNAs of tyroid nodules show benign histological findings but some are indeterminate or non-diagnostic. In an attempt to separate out patients with a worse prognosis, Afirma has develoiped a proprietory tests, Benign Gene Expression Classifier.  In 2010, two modest-sized validation studies showed that the AGEC test could identify a benign gene expression signature in indeterminate cytology thyroid FNA samples with a negative predictive

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Axitinib and sorafenib for thyroid cancer

Medullary and papillary thyroid carcinoma (MTC and PTC) are two types of thyroid cancer that can originate from activating mutations or rearrangements in the RET gene. Axitinib has been studied for thyroid cancer. Two phase II studies were reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology evaluating different axitinib and sorafenib therapies in patients with advanced thyroid cancer have special significance. Eligible patients in both studies included

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Alcohol injection for small thyroid cancers

Recurrent thyroid cancer can present as isolated localized nodules, which may persist for a long time, and may conceivably not require systemic treatment. Alcohol ablation involves injecting small recurrent thyroid cancers with alcohol using imaging such as ultrasound for placement. This procedure was pioneered at Mayo clinic and is not universally available. The concept is that this procedure can produce long term control or cure of such isolated

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