Inherited Breast Cancer

Prophylactic mastectomy and oophorectomy for BRCA mutation carriers – pro

Prophylactic bilateral mastectomy is the surgical removal of both breasts to help prevent breast cancer. Prophylactic mastectomy is a controversial procedure among members of the medical community. Based on recent scientific findings that show prophylactic mastectomy to be effective at preventing breast cancer, some physicians think that it is  sometimes recommended even without evidence of genetic causation.  According to the American Cancer Society

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Prophylactic Mastectomy in Carriers of BRCA Mutation – pro

Prophylactic total or simple mastectomy, not subcutaneous mastectomy, for patients at high risk of breast cancer is a difficult issue in that it involves the determination of risk in an individual patient, a separate determination of what level of risk is high enough to justify the extreme choice of prophylactic mastectomy, and assurance from scientific studies in the medical literature that this procedure does result in a reduction of breast cancer

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