CAD for MRI – pro

CAD assists radiologist in interpreting MRIs by color coding areas with differing accumulation of contrast. Its value has not been proven. Computer-aided detection has been used to aid radiologists’ interpretation of contrast-enhanced MRI of the breast, which is sometimes used as an alternative to mammography or other screening and diagnostic tests because of its high sensitivity in detecting breast lesions, even among those in whom mammography

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MRI to screen preoperatively for DCIS – pro

Most guidelines recommend breast MRI for screening in women with high-risk of developing breast cancer and to clarify diagnostic uncertainties after mammography and ultrasound. As use of MRI has increased, many other situations for which, MRI might be helpful came to the fore. Unfortunately, literature support for most of them, is lacking. Currently, guidelines indicate MRI for screening of women at high risk based on family history or for clarifying

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