When and how to test for Factor V Leiden mutation – pro

The two situations that bring about testing for Factor V Leiden are when an individual presents with a clotting complication, such as Deep Venous Thrombosis(DVT), or when a family history brings him or her for a consultation. American College of Medical Genetics offered a guideline in 2007. There is a consensus that testing should be performed in at least the following circumstances (these are the same general recommendations for testing for any

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Rituxan and Campath for coagulation inhibitors – pro

In general, acquired pan-inhibitors represent a rare and difficult to treat problem, with serious consequences for the patient. Most experience is in the setting of hemophilia. The optimal therapeutic strategy for inhibitor eradication is not yet been defined and is based on immunosupression. The immunosuppressive regimen most have included corticosteroid therapy alone or in combination with cyclophosphamide. The response rate reported in the literature

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Celebrex for hemophilia – pro

Individuals with bleeding disorders may require analgesics like do other patients. This includes individuals with hemophilia and joint pain associated with acute hemorrhages or chronic hemophilic arthropathy, as well as women with a bleeding disorder (e.g. von Willebrand disease) who suffer menorrhagia and menstrual pain. Although COX-2 inhibitors are not associated with platelet dysfunction in vitro, there are anecdotal reports that use of these

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