We Will Win – pro

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Diagnosis – pro

Diagnosis is when things get serious. One can avoid engaging with the illness only up until the point of diagnosis. Few people forget the moment in which they learn of having a cancer diagnosis. No matter how serious and disabling the symptoms, they can be denied or rationalized away – not so the diagnosis of cancer. Denial after this point is not uncommon but it is clearly recognized for what it is – a maladoptive response to intolerable stress.

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Tazorac for CTCL – pro

CTCL includes a number of clinical syndromes, the most common of which are mycosis fungoides and the Sézary syndrome. Mycosis fungoides presents with patches, plaques, or tumors. In the initial stages disease is confined to the skin. Sézary syndrome is a leukemic variant of CTCL, characterized by erythroderma (stage T4), lymphadenopathy, pruritus and circulating neoplastic (Sézary) cells (stage B1). Bexarotene is FDA approved for this disease

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