Sexuality and Cancer

Caverject for impotence due to prostate cancer treatment – pro

Caverject is the first prescription drug approved for impotence.  A hormone-like element, Alprostadil has been shown to enhance the blood circulation through the process of expanding the blood vessels. It is naturally found in the human body and therefore ensures that blood is kept flowing. When saturated at the region around the penis it will induce an erection and maintain it for some time. From 5 to 20 minutes of taking effect, it may last for

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Androgen and Estrogen or Progesterone Topical Creams for Vaginal Dryness After Breast Cancer Treatment – pro

Breast cancer patients often suffer menopausal symptoms, which include vaginal dryness. This distressing symptom is often treated with topical estrogen or progesterone creams; however, there remains a concern about absorption of estrogen into the body and its effect on breast cancer. Many such patients are already on tavoxifen. In a group that is treated with tamoxifen, it would appear that most systemic effect would be negated by the tamoxifen's

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