Thymic Cancer

Gleevec for thymic cancer – pro

Thymic carcinomas (TC) are rare neoplastic diseases with chemosensitivity to a broad range of agents. Studies have demonstrated expression of c-kit in TC, presenting a potential target for inhibitors of the KIT tyrosine kinase receptor (TKR). Imatinib mesylate (IM) is an orally administered inhibitor of multiple TKR’s, including bcr-abl, KIT, and PDGFR. Several case reports demonstrate responses of thymic tumors to imatinib. However, in 2008, Slater

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Chemotherapy and Carboplatin Paclitaxel for Thymic Cancer – pro

The thymus is a small organ located in the upper/front portion of your chest, extending from the base of the throat to the front of the heart. Thymic carcinomas are divided into low-grade (better prognosis) and high-grade (worse prognosis, that is, more likely to grow and spread quickly) categories. Around 25% of people with thymic carcinoma are cured. Low-grade thymic carcinomas include well-differentiated squamous cell, mucoepidermoid, and basaloid

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