Renal (Kidney) Cancer

Temodar for Kidney Cancer

Personalized medicine approach tests individual cancers and chooses treatments based on this testing. Temodar is one of the drugs that is usually included in chemosensitivity panels. Sometimes, it is recommended to renal cell cancer patients based on such testing. Unfortunately, this new paradigm does not "fit" well with the existing approaches and methods for weighing and evaluating evidence supporting cancer treatments, and new approaches to do

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Cryoablation for kidney cancer

Cryoablation is not  well supported by the medical literature for renal cell cancer. There are mostly case reports and series, although some of them are large and there are no comparative trials. The procedure has some theoretical disadvantages. For one, it leaves no pathology, so that prognostication becomes difficult. Other limitations of percutaneous cryoablation include the inability to control hemorrhage without intra-arterial access and a

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Chromophobe (ChRCC) Type Renal Cell Cancer

The Chromophobe (ChRCC) type renal cell cancer is rare and behaves differently than the more common renal cell carcinoma. Consequently it has not been extensively studied. Unfortunately, there are no proven treatments for the metastatic disease and the many drugs that have been approved for clear cell cancer do not work well for this subtype. At one time chemotherapy was thought to be effective but studies did not confirm it. Overexpression of

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