Cancers in the Chest (but not lung)

Unresectable Pancoast – pro

Pancoast tumor is a malignant lung mass that involves upper lung, often with involvement of surrounding structures. There usually is no metastatic disease and the goal is cure. Patients with a Pancoast tumor without evidence of mediastinal node involvement or distant metastases should be evaluated by an experienced thoracic surgeon for potential resection. Patients with a Pancoast tumor being considered for resection should undergo evaluation with

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IMRT and Tomotherapy – pro

Lay Summary: An introduction to IMRT and Tomotherapy IMRT is a rapidly evolving technique, which affords a more precise radiation dose delivery of escalated doses, in appropriate cases, to targeted tumors, while sparing nearby healthy tissue structures.  The FDA clearance of numerous devices for the technical delivery of IMRT is based on the capability of this technology to incorporate accurate dose calculation algorithms, associated with a verifiable

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Xeloda combinations for thymoma – pro

Thymoma is usually treated with surgery. Where surgery is inappropriate, chemotherapy concurrent with, or sequential to, radiation therapy is recommended. Cisplatin-based combination chemotherapy is an appropriate option. Octreotide, alone or in combination with a corticosteroid, may be a reasonable option for recurrent cases. A recent Phase II study revealed that complete responses (CR) and partial responses were observed in three (20%) and three

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Stereotactic radiosurgery of lung – pro

Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) is a technique that utilizes precisely targeted radiation to a tumor while minimizing radiation to adjacent normal tissue. This targeting allows treatment of small- or moderate-sized tumors in either a single or limited number of dose fractions.Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) initially was used successfully for intracranial, orbital, and base of skull tumors, as well as

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Chemotherapy and Carboplatin Paclitaxel for Thymic Cancer – pro

The thymus is a small organ located in the upper/front portion of your chest, extending from the base of the throat to the front of the heart. Thymic carcinomas are divided into low-grade (better prognosis) and high-grade (worse prognosis, that is, more likely to grow and spread quickly) categories. Around 25% of people with thymic carcinoma are cured. Low-grade thymic carcinomas include well-differentiated squamous cell, mucoepidermoid, and basaloid

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