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Lay Summary: Not much is known about NK1 T lymphomas. This post briefly describes what is known. This kind of lymphoma tend to be indolent but not all that much is known about hatural history of these neoplasms and some patients do poorly. Patients with natural killer T (NK/T) -cell lymphomas have poor survival outcome, and for this condition there is no optimal therapy. A recent review found that following treatments tend to be used: Patients received

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Campath for T cell lymphomas – pro

Athough alemtuzumab is an anti-B antibody, several phase II studies suggest that it is effective for Tcell lymphoma, particularly, CTCL , and Mycosis Fungoides but also peripheral T-cell lymphoma. NCCN Mycosis Fungoides Guideline refers one to the T0cell guideline and it lists alemtuzumab with a notes that says that "activity has been demonstrated in small clinical trials and additional larger clinical trials are necessary". Lundin J, Hagberg H,

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Stem Cell Transplantation for Cutaneous Stem Cell Lymphomas – pro

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) is classified as an indolent hematologic malignancy with distinct clinicopathologic features. Although prognosis varies depending on the stage, patients who have cutaneous tumor, lymph node or visceral involvement, or peripheral blood involvement (S├ęzary syndrome) generally have a poor outcome. Evidence for stem cell transplantation, both autologous and allogeneic is on the level of case reports. Experts agree that

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Stem cell transplantation for T-cell lymphoma – pro

Stem Cell transplantation is in the infant stages for this disease; however it is promising. Reports on allo-SCT in T-cell lymphoma have been encouraging. The largest series by Corradini et al. reported on 17 patients with a median age of 14 years, of whom 8 patients had failed an autograft. The estimated 3-year OS and PFS rates were 81% and 64%, respectively. TRM at 2 years was 6% and DLI induced a response in 2 patients progressing after allografting.

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