Stem cell transplantation for T-cell lymphoma – pro

Stem Cell transplantation is in the infant stages for this disease; however it is promising. Reports on allo-SCT in T-cell lymphoma have been encouraging. The largest series by Corradini et al. reported on 17 patients with a median age of 14 years, of whom 8 patients had failed an autograft. The estimated 3-year OS and PFS rates were 81% and 64%, respectively. TRM at 2 years was 6% and DLI induced a response in 2 patients progressing after allografting. Wulf et al. reported on 10 patients with relapsed or primary progressive T-cell lymphoma. Patients received salvage therapy consisting of alemtuzumab with or without chemotherapy and received RIC (fludarabine, busulfan, cyclophosphamide) followed by allo-SCT. With a median follow-up of seven months 7 patients remained alive, 6 in complete remission. Surprisingly good results were also reported by Kim et al. and Kusumi et al. All these are retrospective series. Nevertheless, NCCN lists stem cell transplantation as an option.

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