Topotecan and Avastin for ovarian cancer – pro

Topotecan is a water-soluble, semisynthetic analogueof camptothecin that inhibits the nuclear enzyme topoisomeraseI. Topotecan has been approved by the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) for the treatment of recurrent epithelialovarian cancer and relapsed small cell lung cancer,and has also demonstrated activity in hematologic malignancies and solid tumors including non-small cell lung, cervical, and colon cancers. In ovariancancer, topotecan

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Adjuvant chemotherapy for stage I ovarian cancer – pro

The stage of ovarian cancer is an important prognostic factor that influences survival and the choice of therapy. The quality of the surgical staging is a key determinant of treatment recommendations. Women who have undergone optimal surgical staging, including pelvic and para-aortic lymph node sampling, and have stage I disease may or may not benefit from adjuvant platinum-based chemotherapy. The results of the largest trial comparing adjuvant chemotherapy

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Granulosa theca ovarian cancers: Chemo guidelines – pro

Granulosa theca tumors are rare; however, both NCCN and ESMO state chemotherapy recommendations for recurrent or metastatic disease. ESMO says: "Debulking surgery, whenever feasible, remains the most effective treatment for metastatic or recurrent granulosa cell tumors. Platinum-based chemotherapy is currently used for patients with advanced stage SCSTs or recurrent disease, with an overall response rate of 63–80%. There are limited data regarding

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Continuing Avastin past progression in ovarian cancer – pro

The issue is continuing Avastin into the next line of therapy after progression. Unfortunately there is no literature specifically in ovarain cancer to support it. Patients with ovarian cancer that has recurred or progressed following prior therapies,  have unfavorable long-term outcomes with standard therapies. Although additional chemotherapy can be used to treat these patients, they often have minimal anti-cancer responses as well as side effects

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First line Avastin for ovarian cancer – pro

At the 2010 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual conference in Chicago, the Gynecologic Oncology Group(GOG) presented the results of the latest clinical trial for Avastin and ovarian cancer. GOG 218 (activated in October 2005) aims to randomly assign 2,000 patients in a three-arm placebo-controlled trial in which patients with stage III and IV disease receive paclitaxel and carboplatin, with or without bevacizumab (15 mg/kg every 21 days)

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