Granulosa theca ovarian cancers: Chemo guidelines – pro

Granulosa theca tumors are rare; however, both NCCN and ESMO state chemotherapy recommendations for recurrent or metastatic disease. ESMO says: “Debulking surgery, whenever feasible, remains the most effective treatment for metastatic or recurrent granulosa cell tumors. Platinum-based chemotherapy is currently used for patients with advanced stage SCSTs or recurrent disease, with an overall response rate of 63–80%. There are limited data regarding the utility of chemotherapy in patients with persistent Sertoli–Leydig tumor, but responses in patients with measurable disease have been reported. The BEP regimen for 3–6 cycles is currently recommended for adjuvant postoperative chemotherapy and for patients with recurrent SCSTs. Taxanes demonstrated an interesting activity in SCSTs with a favorable toxicity profile [III, A].

NCCN (mentions taxol/ carboplatin) in its recommendation.

Thus, there is guideline support for Taxol/carboplatin or Avastin but not together.

N. Colombo et al, Non-epithelial ovarian cancer: ESMO Clinical Recommendations for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up Ann Oncol (2012) 23 (suppl 7): vii20-vii26., ovarian 2016, LCOH – 1. OV-B 4

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