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Zolinza for maintenance in glioblastoma

With the advent of biologic therapies, many new avenues to approach recalcitrant and difficult diseases have emerged. Once such cancer is the brain cancer glioblastoma(GBM). It is tempting to use Zolinza(vorinostate) for maintenance after attaining a remission of glioblastoma, because this is a disease that almost always comes back. Unfortunately, there is as of yet no literature supporting the use of Zolnza for maintenance for gliolastoma. A recent

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Zolinza for Hodgkin’s

Current chemotherapy drugs are very effective for Hodgkin's  lymphomas but patients who relapse after receiving them don;t do as well. This is because the cancers develop resistance to the se drugs. Zolinza is a new drug approved in the USA for the treatment of cutaneous(skin) T-cell lymphoma who have progressive, persistent or recurrent disease  or following two systemic therapies. It may be effective for Hodgkin's. For Hodgkin's, a phase

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Vorinostat for Hodgkin’s – pro
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Current front-line chemotherapy drugs are very effective against Hodgkin's  lymphoma but patients who relapse after receiving them are less likely to achieve long-term, disease-free survival with current salvage therapies. This is because Hodgkin's develops resistance to the drugs or the tumor's biology changes in some way to reduce their effectiveness. This led to researchers testing newly released drugs for this purpose. Zolinza is approved

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