14 questions – pro

1.Does the patient meet medical necessity for the proposed use ?
2.Is this treatment generally accepted by the national medical professional community as being safe and effective in treating a covered illness of injury?
3.Is this treatment consistent with symptoms and diagnosis
4.Is it furnished at the most appropriate level?
5.Is it mainly for convenience?
6.Are the drugs or medicines commercailly available or approved by the FDA for broad public use for the condition being treated?
7.Are they generally accepted by the medical community within the USA..?
8.Are there minimal numbers of treated patients whose cases have been reported?
9.Has a randomized clinical study trial indicated a benefit over conventional therapy..?
10.Has a threshold for cure or improvement in the quality of life been established?
11.Is the response to therapy usually of short duration?
12.Is it unclear whether the overall survival is improved or shortened?
13.Is there significant risk involved as compared to standard therapy?
14.Is the procedure performed in a selected hospital under the experimental research protocol?

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