Acyclovir prophylaxis for Velcade based therapies – pro

The bortezomib and dexamethasone treatment is myelosupressive. The APEX trial demonstrated an incidence of H. Zoster of 13% in the bortezomib-treated arm compared with 5% in the dexamethasone-treated arm (p<0.001)in patients treated for myeloma. Some subsequent studies showed lower H. Zoster infection rates and others showed similar rates. For this reason, many experts recommend routine acyclovir prophylaxis for high-risk patients treated with bortezomib. National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines recommend that herpes zoster prophylaxis be considered for patients receiving bortezomib or bortezomib-based therapies.

Routine acyclovir prophylaxis is not guideline recommended in transplant patients. MMWR says: “Prophylaxis or preemptive therapy with acyclovir is not recommended because of lack of efficacy”. Supressive therapy because of previous shingles is noto prospectively studied in this setting, to my knowedge.

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