Alcohol rehab and withdrawal – length of stay – pro

Rehabilitation for alcohol and other drugs has proliferated and differentiated into many different clinical approaches during the last 40 years. After acute emdical care for detox, when necessary, as in this case, according to the duration, the amount of alcohol and other drugs taken and type of drugs abused, a person might either need a social detox or a medical detox.  Social detox may not be anything more than confined bed rest and someone to take vital signs to make sure that more intense care isn’t needed.  Nonetheless, certain social detox facilities provide mega-vitamin therapy, massages, healthy nutrition and other holistic approaches that reduce the level of anxiety and discomfort of the patient. This is to assist  in getting the individual to be more agreeable to continue his clinical care after detox.  Medical treatment for withdrawal has the mean length of stay of 9.8 days . In one older observational study of 539 episodes of alcohol withdrawal in a general hospital, to determine the natural history, the incidences of seizures, hallucinations and delirium, and the risk factors for these events. The reaction began soon after arrival, at a median time of 5 h, and resolved at a median time of 22 h. Patients with a blood alcohol level of zero were in withdrawal on arrival, and only four patients had reactions lasting 120 h or longer. Complications were observed in 113 patients (21%) during the admission. Seizures occurred on arrival, hallucinations usually in the first 24 h and delirium in the first 48 h. No mortality was associated with alcohol withdrawal itself, but complications did extend length of stay by a median of 4 days, with delirium contributing most to the increase.

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