Brain MRI for restaging in metastatic melanoma – pro

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain is a mandatory test for initial staging in patients with stage IV, optional in stage III and not used in patients with stage I and II disease. Melanoma in stage IV can be treated in a variety of ways. nN improtant issue is how to restage melanoma during treatment. Guidelines do nto offer guidance on whether a routine restaging MRI is indicated in the absence of CNS signs and symptoms. MRI of the brain is the procedure of choice for symptoms related to the CNS. In the absence of recommendations, MRI should be restricted to the initial staging and for investigation of clinical findings or complaints that may indicate brain mets, or when a resection of an isolated previously identified met is being considered. MRI may be reasonable even without supporting recommendations after a period of stability, when a change in treatment is being considered.

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