Carboplatin and Avastin for brain cancer – pro

Glioblastoma is a disease for which there were few options available until recently. The past several years brought several new potentially promising treatments ; one of these promising approaches is Avastin with vatious drugs. There are phase II trials combining Avastin with carboplatin, etoposide and other drugs or by itself.

It must be realized that each combination with Avastin requires clinical study because newer evidence suggests that Avastin can interfere with drug delivery to the tumor (Thompson et al). Clearly, the irinotecan/Avastin combination is beneficial but the same has not been proven regarding carboplatin and Avastin in human. While phase II studies of carboplatin/Avastin with or without other drugs appear to show reasonable results, there are no comparaive studies, to my knowledge.

Kristoph Jahnke, Leslie L. Muldoon, Csanad G. Varallyay, Seth J. Lewin, Dale F. Kraemer and Edward A. Neuwelt
Bevacizumab and carboplatin increase survival and asymptomatic tumor volume in a glioma model, Neuro Oncol (April 2009) 11 (2): 142-150.

A. Reardon, Patrick Y. Wen Therapeutic Advances in the Treatment of Glioblastoma: Rationale and Potential Role of Targeted Agents The Oncologist, Vol. 11, No. 2, 152-164, February 2006

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