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Lymphoid malignancies are often treated with chemo regimens that include intrathecal prophylaxis with cytarabine or methotrexate. DepoCyt® (cytarabine liposome injection) is indicated for the intrathecal treatment of lymphomatous meningitis, not for prophylaxis. While is is a newer formulation of the old drug, cytarabine, it should work whenever cytarabine works. One can look at the situation in one of two ways: 1.Every new formulation of a drug requires all supporting studies to be repeated, or 2. off-label use for accepted indications does not require experimental corroboration.

In this case, there appears to be no compellng reason to use Depocyt instead of the standard of care cytarabine. I do not consider it to be medically necessary.

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A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Intrathecal Sustained-release Cytarabine (DepoCyt) to Intrathecal Methotrexate in Patients with Neoplastic Meningitis from Solid Tumors
Clin Cancer Res 1999 5: 3394-3402

D. Mazhar, J. Stebbing, R. Lewis, M. Nelson, B. G. Gazzard, and M. Bower
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Blood, April 15, 2006; 107(8): 3412 – 3414.

Depocyt, Prescribing information

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