DPD deficiency and testing – pro

Although an older drug, fluoropyrimidines continue to be an integral component of chemotherapy for a number of cancers, including such common ones as breast and colon cancer. Our knowledge about the complex metabolism of fluoropyrimidines has increased exponentially and we now know that a small percentage of patients do not clear them well and are subjected to severe toxicity. Current research suggests that nearly 8% of the population has at least a partial DPD deficiency. A diagnostic determination test for DPD deficiency is available and it is expected that with a potential 500,000 people in North America using 5-FU this form of testing will increase. It is generally accepted that these tests can serve to diagnose DPD deficiency in patients with greater than expected fluoropyrimidine toxicty; however, prospective studies of the strategy of universal testing of all FU candidates needs to be subjected to prospective randomized trials and is not currently recommended.

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