Extrapulmonary small cell cancers: Role of surveillance – pro

Colorectal small cell carcinoma (RESCC) is a rare tumor with an aggressive course. Only case reports exist to guide surveillance approach.Most cases of small cell cancers of organs other than ung are trated as if they were metastatic small cell lung cancer. A recent stuedy showed that of 120 patients with ESCC, in which the most frequent site of origin was the female genital tract (26 percent), followed by gastrointestinal tract (23 percent), genitourinary tract (19 percent), head and neck (16 percent), unknown primary site (13 percent), and other sites (4.3 percent). The repovailing approach of treating extrapulmonary small cell cancers as small cell lung cancer has been questioned and treatmnen results in general are poor. There are no guidelines or reviews that recommend routine surveillance for patients with colonic EPCCC.

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