Folfirinox for pancreatic cancer – pro

It is is appropriate and necessary for the symptoms, diagnosis or direct care and treatment of the medical condition,
injury or illness;
Provided for the diagnosis or direct care and treatment of the medical condition, injury or illness;
Within standards of good medical practice within the organized medical community; Not primarily for the convenience of the covered person, the covered person’s physician or another provider;
and The most appropriate supply or level of service which can safely be provided.

Currently gemcitabine or gemcitabine with erlotinib are FDA approved for pancreatic cancer4 . First-line treatment with the FOLFIRINOX regimen for metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma in patients with a good performance status significantly improved OS, PFS1
Combination chemotherapy is the new frontier for metastatic pancratic cancer. A major recent advance has been the combination of irinotecan, florouracyl and oxaliplatin response rate and time to degradation of quality of life compared with gemcitabine, according to the phase 3 results of the PRODIGE 4/ACCORD 11 trial. Of concern, however, is the tolerability and toxicity of this elaborate multidrug regimen. However, NCCN has now included Fofirinox in its recommendations (2011, PANC-E) as a level 1 recommendation4. It is also recommended by ESMO for patients younger than age 75 3.

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