Hyper CVAD for Burkitts – pro

Standard doxorubicin-based combination chemotherapy, such as CHOP, frequently induces remissions of short duration. The overall CR rate is 915 and induction-therapy mortality was low (6%). In one review the estimated 5-year CR rate was 38% and the estimated 5-year survival rate was 39%. These results were achieved despite broad entrance criteria (no exclusions by age, performance status, organ dysfunction, or infection status at the time of diagnosis). Median age was 39.5 years, about 10 years higher than that of subjects in published studies of adult ALL, and 22% of patients were 60 years or older. In a comparative study, outcome was significantly superior with Hyper-CVAD therapy compared with the VAD regimens, in terms of both CR rate and long-term prognosis.The  results  from  small  studies  suggest  that  Rituximab  confers additional benefits to patient having DA-EPOCH and Hyper-CVAD. Another popular regimen is Codox-M.
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J. Clin. Oncol., February 1, 2000; 18(3): 547 – 547.


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